During our lives we go through changes and shifts that are inevitable, that is not to say that we welcome all of these because let’s face it not all of them will be positive. Psychotherapy should never promise to replace what you have lost, what it can offer is a place where you are able to express yourself fully regarding how you feel about those losses. In the space created for you, you can safely let go of ‘keeping it together’ and explore the changes you are facing.

Past experiences are another facet that counselling can significantly help with. It is my belief that much of the way that we react to certain circumstances can be traced back to childhood experience. Childhood traumas can leave a significant mark on us in the forms of very low self confidence, manifestations of jealousy, aggression/anger, fear of intimacy and fear of rejection and abandonment. Understanding your past, whatever it entails means that you can move into a future you are happier with.