Hello, my name is Francesca Medhurst. I am a fully qualified psychotherapist and counsellor offering counselling in the Canterbury area.

Counselling provides a safe and confidential place in which you can explore problems or issues that might be affecting you, your relationships with others and your life in a wider sense.

My aim is to create a space in which you feel able to confide and trust in our ability to examine the areas of your life that you may be unhappy or dissatisfied with and look for solutions to these. My belief is that the relationship and respect created between therapist and client is an invaluable element to the process and progression of your therapy and this is always at the heart of our work together.

As a practitioner I am fully aware that it can be intimidating to take that first step towards counselling, particularly if you are dealing with overpowering and difficult emotions. However, I do wholeheartedly believe that when you make that courageous move towards therapy, you are moving towards a greater understanding of yourself, your relationships and your past experiences.


It is always very important to make sure that you are happy with your therapist and that you feel that you can trust them. This is something that we would cover in the assessment in order to ensure that you are happy to engage in therapeutic work with me before we agree upon a regular contact that suits you.

Past experiences can significantly impact on us in the ‘here and now’ and can prevent us from being happy or being in a place of fully enjoying our lives. I believe that these experiences can result in adult depression and anxiety disorders that make everyday life staggeringly exhausting and overwhelming.

You can contact me at any time by telephone or e-mail if you have any further questions that you feel you would like to ask. We can talk about how you as an individual could benefit from counselling by means of an informal chat.



My practice is based upon the belief that if you are able to move forward towards a state of self acceptance, that you will have gained the ability to more easily overcome the barriers and challenges that life can throw at you and as a result, live a much happier and more fulfilled life. Life has the ability to throw incredible pressure at us sometimes and we can become increasingly overwhelmed and lost within it. 


These difficult circumstances, whether it is fuelled by depression, anxiety, bereavement, relationship difficulties or any other form of distress that manifests in our lives can make us feel alone and we often don't know how to get out of what feels like a downward spiral. My purpose is to makes sure you know you're not alone and to help you figure out how to come out of the other end of what you are struggling with.



" I've found it so helpful to have someone who could listen to my darkest problems who was non-judgmental and kind. Counselling has opened my eyes in so many ways and has helped me to gain a better insight into how my mind and feelings work. Thank you so much Frankie! "


" Working with Frankie has been invaluable after a really difficult few years since I lost my husband. The warmth and honesty she offered me helped me actually look forward to my future. When I first started seeing her I was incredibly depressed but we have been able to work through so much together. She isn't the stereotype you might expect." 


" Therapy for me has been life changing. I cannot say thank you enough for your compassion, your empathy and your kindness. It has been such a blessing to be able to have you as my therapist."


" When I first went to counselling I felt hopeless, trapped and powerless in my life. My anxiety was through the roof and I didn't know how to function in my life anymore. I am now on the other side of that, I still have difficult days but going for counselling helped me learn why I react the way I do and how I can manage it before it gets out of control. Frankie's honesty and warmth have stayed with me. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending her to my loved ones or anyone looking for support and help."


" I wasn't really sure what therapy could do for me but I can honestly say that it has made such a difference to my life. I was always surprised at how well Frankie remembered the little details of what I told her and for the first time in my life, I felt heard."


"It makes me laugh when I think about it now but when I first started working with Frankie, I asked her how old she was in the first session. I couldn't understand how someone in their mid or late twenties could possibly understand how difficult life can be sometimes. I was so wrong and learned very quickly that age really doesn't matter. I saw Frankie for a year and managed to put many of the changes we spoke about into practice. It has helped my relationships and various other parts of my life as well. I cannot thank her enough."


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